Hunger Weather 1959-1975 (2 vols., Mother Duck Press, 1979, 1982)

Three hundred-fifty copies handset and printed on Simpson-Lee 100% recycled paper by Bisbee Press Collective with a treadle-powered Chandler & Price letterpress at Central School Project, as Book Projects Three and Six of the Collective. Hand-sewn. Ten two-volumes-in-one copies were hardbound.

Selections From Hunger Weather



Book 1

1.1.            Cat got the toilet paper again.
Looks like a Gertrude Stein piano roll.

 Invocation for a Miniature Epic

I.2. A man a woman close to creation.

 Hunger Weather

Book 2

2.1 Arse Poetic

I’m Not the First to See Him

Jays Woke Me

These are the Spirits of the Dead

Play Old Men’s Bones

Silently Riding

Don’t You Think I Feel You Growing Virgin

And How Will Sunday Find You

You Play Poet Just So Long

So Small

Draw the Skin Back Wide

Through One Shell Shock After Another

2.2. Theory of Flight


Book 3. Fireplaces: Keeping Track

People as Locusts and Leaves the Locust Eats

Blood Swells My Throat

Public Weal Private Will Prayer Wheel



Damn Near Equinox

Daddy Was a Battleship {lyrics}

First You Take the Freeway Out

Speed Checked with Radar (lyrics)

Under the Pier

Man of the  Bright Blue Color (lyrics)

Love, Your Tangled Face

Still Today (lyrics)

The Fathers of the West

I’m Getting Out of California (lyrics)

Cross the Valley

Going Down the High Way (lyrics)

Silver Salmon Sliver

Oregon Blues (lyrics)

Shall I Confess?


By Root You Know Some

We Follow the Finger of a Dying  Man

I Woke, Sand in Mouth and Eyes

When She’s Making Love to You (lyrics)

The Dead Heat Buzz of Buttons

Rattlesnake Blues (lyrics)


Standing Still in Tucson (lyrics)

Watching My Father Draw a Dead Bead

The Sage in Bloom

No More War (lyrics)


Wind through Hollow Wood

The Wolves Were at Our House Again Last  Night

And Long About Halloween

Berkeley Blues (lyrics)

This Creek We Will Not Remember

No Need to Explain (lyrics)

Sing a Happy Song (lyrics)

Sunday Morning Alone with Mao

After the Revolution Blues (lyrics)

You Got to Do It for Yourself (lyrics)

Wind Down into the Mission

Old Sleep (lyrics)

In the Wires Strung from Steel Towers


Slippery Morning (lyrics)

In the False Dawn

That Dream Is Gone (lyrics)

Cadavers are Stupid-looking Things

Atomic Power is a Wonderful Thing (lyrics)

Going to Town Tonight (lyrics)

I am Your Father You are My Mother

We Find the Skull Again

Old Li Po (lyrics)


On Second Mesa

Daughter of our Desert Tribe

Now the River Runs with Rain and Clay

Owl Has Taken the Moon

Winter Waves

Fur and feather

Sitting Still Beside the Stream

3.5 Coda In Nineteen-sixtyfive (lyrics)

Book 4

4.1 Nine Charms for Journeys

IV.2. Greybear


Greybear Stumbles into Spring

Everything Has Ears for Greybear

The Fast Shuffle from Sunup to Midday

The Limbs Go Brittle

These Dark Hills

       POSTSCRIPT, 1976

The Goose